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VirtualBox with raw disk

1 minute read

Power here (and in most areas around Toronto) has not been great the past week, and my little FreeBSD test server started misbehaving after a brown-out yeste...

Python unbuffered

less than 1 minute read

I came across a new-to-me Python thing today that was astonishingly useful, so thought I’d document it.

Google adds HTTPS as a search rank signal

3 minute read

Yesterday, Google posted they were adding HTTPS as a search rank signal. This means if your site supports HTTPS your search results will be ranked higher. So...

TeamCity and git and overlapping branches

1 minute read

Ran into an intersting edge case at work today with TeamCity’s git functionality that was fairly obscure, but Googling provided no useful information so I’ll...

Transcoding old videos

1 minute read

I have a fairly large pile of old videos I’ve accumulated over the years, and as I’ve been running out of space on my NAS have started looking (again) at tra...

Adobe CQ Tar PM data file rotation bug

2 minute read

At $WORK this week we encountered an extremely strange and annoying set of bugs in older versions of the Adobe CQ CMS system – specifically, in all CQ system...